Alice M.

As Interviewed by Hannah M., March 12, 2014
"An Asian immigrant and a single mom is a combination of two negative attributes... I would go to the bookstore and I would not be served. I would go to a restaurant and I would not be served."
Alice M.

Introductory Profile: About Alice M.

Born on November 1st, 1974 in South Korea, my mother, Alice M., came to America and got her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. She got married and currently lives in Austin. Alice is average height and weight, and she has straight, black hair along with her glasses. She is kind, serious and straightforward in most subjects.

During our interview, Alice went over her past of being a single mom and the social discrimination she received throughout her life for being an Asian immigrant. She told me the story of her childhood and the memories she had growing up. Alice also compared what it was like in Korea to how it is like in America. At some points the interview did get emotional; however, Alice was able to end the interview with being proud of what she had accomplished.