Aurora Flores-Wolsky

As Interviewed by Andrew Chow, March 7, 2014
"I learned from all these experiences that it doesn’t matter how much money you have or your race. What matters is your brain, heart, and soul."
Aurora Flores-Wolsky

Introductory Profile: About Aurora Flores-Wolsky

My interviewee was Aurora Flores-Wolsky. With me, she talked about all the examples of social injustice in her life. In the interview I could tell that she was serious, but did not particularly seem emotional.

Aurora Flores-Wolsky was born in Los Angeles, California, and was accepted into a private school: Phillips Academy. It is there where she experienced most of her social injustice. Being Hispanic, she looked different from all the other kids. She also was experiencing social injustice because she was not as wealthy, but luckily was able to go there on a scholarship. She then graduated from Stanford and Harvard and became a teacher and she now teaches at Kealing Middle School.

My interviewee, as I stated earlier, was serious but not emotional, judging by her tone of voice. She seemed calm and collective while making frequent hand gestures. My interviewee made eye contact, which also showed that she was very focused.

With me, Aurora Flores-Wolsky talked about the social inequality she has experienced throughout her life. I think my interviewee is strong, both mentally and physically, because she was faced with social injustice and worked off it in a positive manner. I could not have asked for a better interviewee.