Anna Berkowitz

As interviewed by Bryce Yeazell, March 15, 2014
"The worst part of being in Auschwitz was you didn't know whether you were gonna live for one more day or not. The worst part was that you knew that your family probably was killed. The worst part was that we were separated from my father. The worst part was we were treated worse than animals."
Anna Berkowitz

Introductory Profile: About Anna Berkowitz

Anna is a holocaust survivor who was born in 1931. She was taken to Auschwitz with her father and mother in 1944. She was 13 years old when she was taken to Auschwitz. Auschwitz was a Jewish extermination and concentration camp during the Holocaust. She now lives in the US in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Anna is now eighty three years old and has a family. She teaches at Purdue University in the fall. When she was young she attended many different schools, in four different languages. She was liberated by the Swiss in 1945. She was well cared for by the Swiss while she was in recovery.

Anna said when she was being taken to Auschwitz she was taken in cattle cars with one hundred other people, and the cars were smelly from the number of people. At Auschwitz she didn't know anything about what was going on in the world outside of the camp. She said at Auschwitz they were treated worse than animals. When she came out of the camp she only weighed sixty five pounds.

She suffered through one of the largest social injustices of all time. She was kept in cramped barracks for a year, and underfed while in those barracks. After being taken to Auschwitz she never saw her father again. The last time she saw her father he saved her life.