Shawn Calamari and Mandy Waid

As interviewed by Clara Gibbs, March 13, 2014
"Our family is based on love and has the same commitments as everyone else and there is no reason why we should be treated any differently or have less accessibility or rights that anyone else has. "
Shawn Calamari and Mandy Waid

Introductory Profile: About Shawn Calamari and Mandy Waid

For my interview, I talked to Shawn Calamari and Mandy Waid. I know them because they were my preschool teachers and I met them when I was four years-old. They are both married and have been together for about 14 years. They have one son, named Matteo. They have separate jobs now and focus on being mothers.

I talked to Mandy and Shawn about gay rights. They talked about how they have been treated, how their friends and family treat them, how other gay people get treated. The topic that was most talked about was Matteo, their son. They talked about how people rudely ask them about their son and how they are going to tell Matteo about how their family. Their family is different that other families, but they have the same amount of love. It is a very loving and emotional piece..