Alison Guckenberger

As interviewed by George Guckenberger, March 10 2014
"I never really thought that people were different, based on their outside, I’ve always tried to look at people on the inside, and help people "
Alison Guckenberger

Introductory Profile: About Alison Guckenberger

Alison Guckenberger is a married mother of two, who lives in Austin Texas. She grew up with dyslexia, and faced much adversity. She also saw many people being treated poorly around her. This inspired her to get a degree in physical education and human organizational development, work with kids who have dyslexia and other disabilities, and also investigate discrimination in housing and employment.

Alison has brown hair and is an average height. The events from her childhood influenced her greatly later in life.

She talked about growing up in Florida, and how even though discrimination was illegal, she still saw it around her. She was also treated poorly in some instances, because she had trouble reading, or working quickly. Alison decided that she didn't want other people to be treated the way she had been, or seen others, treated. She was interested in helping others, and still to this day is very involved in the community.

Alison was very relaxed throughout the interview, but obviously very passionate about the subject. She made many connections from throughout her life, talking about different events and things that inspired her.