Frank Li

As Interviewed by Allen Li, March 28, 2015
"Well you know, the world is composed of all different kinds of races. All races are to be respected and should have equal rights."
Frank Li

Introductory Profile: About Frank Li

I am interviewing my dad. His name is Feng-lei Li in Chinese, and Frank Li in English. I came to know this person because he lives with me and he is my dad. He was born in China on November 29, 1967. He then went to Ba Yi Middle School, and High School. In China he went to Xi’an Jiao Tong University and earned a Bachelors in Electrical engineering in 1990. In all these schools he played on the basketball team, swim team, and track and field team. He considered himself very athletic in his younger years as a teenager.

He immigrated to the U.S. in 1996. He then went to the University of Alabama graduating in 2000 earning the Masters computer science and PH in electronic engineering. He is a very easy going, disciplined, responsible, and optimistic adult. He stands at 5’11. He has black hair, fairly tan skin, strong arm and leg muscles, dark brown eyes and eyelashes, including a wide face and shoulders. He now works at Freescale Semiconductors as an design engineer.

The topics covered were mainly explaining how many acts of racism and discrimination against Asians were going unnoticed, but many people are trying to fight it, and racism against Asians among all races are going down. He didn't really have a precise background on the starting of Asian based racism. He mainly states that he doesn't have very strong feelings towards fighting racism against Asians because it hasn't gotten very serious yet, and he thinks it probably won’t get to the point where we need a revolution. The tone was mainly positive saying that racism against all races is getting to a minimum, unless it is in a poverty stricken town, with high competition to survive.