Silvia Bhuiyan

As Interviewed by A.K., March 14, 2015
"Not everybody can say they’ve carried little babies around in a little basket and gone down to the morgue and put them in a little refrigerator."
Silvia Bhuiyan

Introductory Profile: About Silvia Bhuiyan

Silvia Bhuiyan is a medical social worker working at St. David’s hospital. I know her because she is my neighbor. Also, her family is very close friends with my family. Mrs. Silvia is from what I know Latino, and wants to work to help others.

Some of the topics covered were some of the cases she had, what age groups medical social workers cover, and what the highlights of her job are. Also, we talked about what it takes to be a medical social worker. We discussed how being a medical social worker affects her daily life and relatives asking for her help. Another topic covered was why she wanted to be a medical social worker.

I sincerely enjoyed talking to Mrs. Silvia because she seemed to be enjoying herself. She liked talking about her job and the different people she had met, and she was keen on giving me details. There were some parts that I could see she struggled to tell me, but I am grateful she did. I am glad I interviewed Mrs. Silvia because she was very interesting to talk to.