Nermeen Mounier

As interviewed by: Malak Tousson, March 22,2015
"...I found that the building on the other side, across the street, was gone. It was a huge building, ... And it was all collapsed. It was a big, huge hill on the ground! "
Nermeen Mounier

Introductory Profile: About Nermeen Mounier

Me and My mother sit down with cups of tea in our living room. I am about to interview her about the earthquake of 1992 in Egypt that she was in. She is 40 years old, with dark, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a gorgeous smile. When she was in high school, a powerful earthquake struck Cairo, Egypt. She and her family were highly affected by it because the building across the street from her building completely collapsed. It was a hard time with great losses and miracle recovery attempts.
All of Egypt was touched by a certain survival story. My mom witnessed the relieving moments of finding a survivor after more than seven days of search for survivors. It was truly a miracle.
Ambulance and fire department alarms were on for a whole day, but nobody minded, because everybody was in the streets trying to help. Many people died in the collapse of this building, about 200 people total. The death toll for all of the affected area was around 500 individuals..