Jonathan Maas

As Interviewed by Kate W, 3/20/15
"All of us are learning how to listen to God, we’re all in the same boat! "
Jonathan Maas

Introductory Profile: About Jonathan Maas

My interviewee’s name is Jonathan Maas and he is the pastor for the children’s group of the Travis Christian Assembly church in Austin. Pastor Jonathan graduated from IHOP’s International House of Prayer University. In 2015, he came to the Travis Christian Assembly church which is the church I currently attend. We know each other from there.

Jonathan is what you would call a “gentle giant.” He is well over 6 feet tall, yet he is very calm and kind, and he is the type of person who will always be willing to listen to you talk about your problems. He has brown hair and a bright smile and is usually in a positive mood.

The topic that we covered in this interview was the criticism that Christians receive and the conflicts of people within Christianity. I had fun interviewing Pastor Jonathan and we seemed to have the same opinion on a lot of ideas.