Chandan Patel

As Interviewed by Anushka Parag, March 22, 2017
"We left everything as it was in Mozambique. You couldn’t take anything."
Chandan Patel

Introductory Profile: About Chandan Patel

Chandan Patel is a grandma, mom, sister, daughter and most importantly, the smartest person I know. Born in Mozambique and raised in India, my grandma has been through a lot, immigrating to three different countries. Now in America, my grandmother loves to share stories about her childhood and education. One story that I rarely hear about is her travels from Mozambique to India.
My grandmother was born in Mozambique. When she was around 10, her parents were thinking about sending her to India to go to school. Her eldest sister was already in India to get a better education, but the rest of her family stayed in Mozambique with her and her three other siblings. Once my grandma turned 12, her parents sent her to India to live with her older sister and her grandparents. Her parents and younger brothers and sisters stayed in Mozambique with her mom and dad so that they could manage the many farms and businesses that they owned. My grandma stayed in India with her grandparents for around four years until the rest of her family showed up in India after leaving Mozambique in fear of having to have to send her siblings, who stayed in Mozambique, into the army to help fight in the war that was happening at the time. They left everything behind and only took the necessities to India. This is the story of my grandma and her life, moving from country to country.