Wandaka Musongera

As Interviewed by Owen Smith, March 5, 2017
"So they act like they don’t keep you away, but indirectly, they keep you away from getting education."
Wandaka Musongera

Introductory Profile: About Wandaka Musongera

I met Wandaka Musongera through a mutual friend named Campbell Erickson. Campbell’s mom works with refugees, so Campbell gets the opportunity to meet a lot of people most people wouldn’t get the chance of meeting. I asked him if he knew anyone that fit the category of facing social injustice, and he immediately suggested Wandaka. Wandaka is a 21-year-old refugee from the Congo, and has lived in Austin for 4 years. He is not particularly tall, just about 5’7’’. He was very friendly and eager about the project.

We talked for about an hour, about numerous topics. He told me about life in the Congo, and immigrating to the US. We chatted about Congo history. Then I asked him about his experience in the US. He struggled at first, admitting that before he came here, he hated people in the US. He thought they were selfish jerks that only care about themselves. He had done research, knowing about Iraq, and what they did to the DRC. The interview wasn’t too intense. He wasn’t scared to tell me about his past. But I think he left out some details about escaping the Congo to keep the mood of the interview lighter.

Wandaka is very kind and has a very interesting story. I greatly enjoyed talking to him and learning about his past and hopes for the future.