T. Yannie

As Interviewed by Taru Mi., March 12, 2017
"Each life has value and dignity. I believe that when a woman conceives a child that it's really a child in her womb, not just a piece of matter but an actual human being."
T. Yannie

Introductory Profile: About T. Yannie

My interviewee’s name is T. Yannie. She is the mother of two adopted children as well as a very caring, kind, and passionate woman. I came to know and meet T. Yannie because she is my dad’s friend’s friend. As a person, she doesn’t want to hurt a person when telling her perspective but will always stand for what she believes in. Trish has a lot of experience fighting and confronting pro-life not only around her but over the world.

Some of the topics that were covered in the interview were about her experience at the rallies and protests (specifically taking place at the governor's mansion). During this, she talked about some of the motivating speeches that people gave such as the politicians and even people who had undergone having abortion and she describes how they were remarkably motivating changing her world view on what abortion has turned our society in to. Yannie talks about the sense of people together and the strong feel of power. Another thing that she describes making her more pro-life is dealing with planned parenthood (an organization and clinic that performs abortions). There cruelty is of selling baby parts and almost the goal of their company is to enforce abortions which is not moral at all. She covered ways that she protested, and the influence, dealing with others, and responses of how our world should deal and is dealing with this including media, people, and the government.

The overall tone and feeling of this interview towards a person is very encouraging and motivating. At times it does get emotional as well because of the topic about children in the society maybe making it emotive or touching. But as a whole, the interview shows passion that is full, faithful, and very moving as well, making a person feel like they should get up and take action on this issue. Therefore, at times it may even seem to be persuasive. To conclude, Trish Yannie talks about her experience fighting for pro-life, and why it is so important and significant to her life. She has not only influenced me, but changed my whole view by informing me more about world concepts, persuading me, and showed me what motivation really means and to really stand up for what you believe in.