Jatinder Nath Vasisht

As Interviewed by Aayush Vij, March 19, 2018
"Civilian rights were ok! But they were just butchering everybody... I mean every Hindu!"
Jatinder Nath Vasisht

Introductory Profile: About Jatinder Nath Vasisht

Jatinder Nath Vasisht was born in 1940 in Sialkot, Pakistan. He was a handsome boy who had dreams just like any other boy.But, he had the roughest years of his life when he was only 7 years old. A partition had broken out between India and Pakistan in 1947.Being a Hindu, Jatinder was forced to leave his home in Sialkot, Pakistan.Ever since Jatinder has never been home, and he has never seen his old friends again. Jatinder has had a hard time remembering these events of horror. I interviewed Jatinder in interest of the constant conflicts between India and Pakistan still going on today. Jatinder is now 78 years old and is strong as ever. He has a hard time remembering those troubling events as he talks about his trip on the train to India on his way from Pakistan. My grandfather was strong and he told the story in extreme detail. Jatinder is retired and lives in Mumbai, India with his wife and usually wears a nice suit with a tie, large glasses and barely any hair. Jatinder is extremely tall with a height of 6-foot 2inches

My grandfather talks about the trip to India and as well as arrival to his grandfather's house in Jalandhar, India.His memory is still sharp and he was extremely confident while describing the events minutest details. While interviewing him I noticed that his tone changed.This could have been completely due to the phone's speaker but you can tell he was very sensitive at times.It was as if he could see the horrors he had seen 71 years ago right before his eyes as he shared his memories of it. I could sense he was trying to not show it and tried to cover it with a tone of remembrance(extremely hard to tell on the phone).

Overall the interview with Jatinder was really pleasant and he described everything so great that It painted a clear image in my mind. I also found it extremely disturbing when I heard the news of the rebel groups and the dead bodies. It was sad to know about Jatinder's painful experiences.I hope you enjoy this information and first-hand accounts memories.