Jolanda P

As Interviewed by Diego P., March 15, 2018
"It was a system based on lies, and it needed to be changed."
Jolanda P

Introductory Profile: About Jolanda P.

The person I interviewed for my first hand history project was Jolanda. She is my mom. Jolanda is a white South African. She lived in a small home in South Africa for her entire childhood. Then she started studying. She met my Dad (Jorge Prozzi) who at the time was also studying in South Africa. Then together the moved to California. My mom was a very poor student. My mom graduated and got a degree at UCLA. Then she started working for the World Bank which included a lot of traveling. Then at one point in her life she decided to settle down, get married and have kids. She moved to Austin, Texas and got married. She found a job as a researcher. And then Jolanda had two kids. She currently makes trips to South Africa about once every two years and works for the transportation institute at Texas A&M.

Jolanda is a white woman. She has very straight hair that drops down about 5 inches under her shoulders. She has green eyes. She is 5 feet 7 inches and is an average weight. She is very friendly person, with very good manners and a pretty thick South African accent. She works hard but takes time to engage with her children. She is very caring and loving.

With Jolanda we discussed her experiences and views of Apartheid in South Africa. In Apartheid black people or people of color were not treated equally to whites. It was a minority rules system, because there were fewer white people in South Africa then colored people. Colored people had to live in very bad communities and conditions. We also talked about how even though Apartheid in South Africa is over. South Africa itself is not a safer place, and there are still lots of racists.

The overall tone of the interview was not anything unusual, you could tell that Jolanda was not supportive of Apartheid at all. And I assume that is she could have another chance she would try to do more in favor for equality.