Bonnie Barrera

As Interviewed by Alli Ekrot, March 17, 2018
"We could not go in the courthouse, ‘cause it was all steps. And I stood there; looking at the steps, with my son in our wheelchair, and thinking, 'I can’t go in that building!'"
Bonnie Barrera

Introductory Profile: About Bonnie Barrera

Bonnie Barrera, my aunt, is a very kind and friendly woman who is welcoming and open-minded to everyone she meets. She has beautiful brown hair and eyes and gorgeous tan skin.

When she was only 22, she had a son who was born with severe autism. He was born prematurely and was in a wheelchair for the first six years of his life. Chase, her son, may be mentally and physically handicapped, but he is the sweetest person you'll ever meet.

In this interview, she talks about her experiences of having a special needs child from the 80s to the present.