Brandon Kaung

As Interviewed by Tyler Kaung, March 17,2013
"One thing that is very obvious to me is that if we applied to get a phone line, it would take so many years and needed bribery. If we were relatives of the military dictatorship, it would take only two days. "
Brandon Kaung

Introductory Profile: About Brandon Kaung

Brandon Kaung was born in Rangoon, Burma (Myanmar) in a village in the outskirts of Rangoon in 1966. During his childhood, he experienced human rights issues like segregation, especially in the education area. As a young adult, he took part in the 8888 uprising against the Ne Win dictator government. He immigrated to Guam in 2000 but couldn’t find a decent job there, so he immigrated to the U.S., and lived in a few states before moving to Texas.

He is about 5 feet 9, has black hair, his eye color is black, and he has a tannish skin color. He is usually relaxed and easygoing but can be strict at times. His race is Asian and he is from Burmese descent. Now he works at the Hyatt® Hotel as a sushi chef, which is his profession. His first language is Burmese but has learned some English during his time in the U.S. Another thing you should know is that some point during his lifetime, he had an ear infection or bacteria entered his ear, so that caused him to have reduced hearing, so he cannot hear himself that well and makes him speak a little louder than normal.

Before the interview, he was very friendly and threw in some humor to “break the ice.” During the interview, he behaved very formally but still had that friendly side to him. Like I said before, English is his second language, so his grammar may not be completely accurate and may have some pauses to think about the next thought he is going to say in between answers. Also he may talk louder than normal because of the ear infection I mentioned earlier. The room we used for the interview was the living room, which is usually noisy, but since it was only us there, it was quiet, except for the humming of a old air-conditioner and outside voices.

My interviewee has experienced a lot of human rights issues as a child, such as segregation in education and he even participated in the 8888 uprising against the Ne Win government. Right now he peacefully lives with his wife and two kids for years to come...