Sarah Eller

As Interviewed by Jamie Dawson, on March 30, 2014
"I learn how to see things in other people’s perspectives, and really kind of think through where people are and what they’re going through and how it affects them, and that affects how you deal with other people."
Sarah Eller

Introductory Profile: About Sarah Eller

My interviewee’s name is Sarah Eller. She works at Gullett Elementary as a teacher for children with special needs. She went first went to college and got a degree in film, television production, and psychology, but went back to get her degree in teaching, which I think is interesting.

Sarah Eller is tall, with brown hair and brown eyes. She is really nice and polite, and talks with confidence. She was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, but grew up in Houston, Texas with her two brothers. She now lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and two children.

The interview went very well. Mrs. Eller answered all my questions completely, and gave full answers. She was really nice, and we were both comfortable because we already knew each other. She talked loud, clear, and confident, and was very polite.

Mrs. Eller is an upstander for children with disabilities, helping them get the education they need and deserve. She is helpful, honest, and really nice, and the interview went smoothly.