Frank Li

As Interviewed by Allen Li, March 28, 2015

Frank Li: In His Own Words

Could you please give us some background information about where you come from, profession, age, birthday, etc.?

I come from Beijing, China. I came to the states in 1996. My profession design engineer at Free scale Semiconductors. I am 48 years old, my birthday is November 29, 1967. My dad, his name is Li Zhuo, my mom, her name is Liu Shu Yin. My wife, her name is Rong Liu. I have 2 children, one is Allen Li he is my son. And I have a daughter, her name is Irena Li. My whole families religion is Christianity. I went to The University of Alabama in Huntsville for graduate studies. I got a masters degree in computer engineering and PhD in electrical engineering.

About 20 years ago, when I was doing some research studies in the University of Singapore. One day, a couple of friends of mine, we go outing. We went to a small island and we rented bikes to travel around the island for sightseeing, enjoy the weather and scenery. One of the girls, she fell off the bike, and her leg was badly wounded. And she could not ride bike anymore. So we make phone call to the rental shop. And asked, “What we supposed to do?”. And the rental shop told us, “Just leave the bike where you are and you will come back”. After following the instructions, we came back, and the rental shop had a hard time to find that bike. So we have to go with the owner to the mountain, and find the bike. We found the bike, and we took it back to the rental shop. And then, the rental shop asked us for a lot of money for driving to the mountain and driving back to get the bike back. And later on the shop owner was so angry at us he said, “You're Chinese. So unreasonable.

When you were a child, what impressions did you have on other races? How did they change when you came to America?

Well you know, the world is composed of all different kinds of races. All races are to be respected and should have equal rights.

Do you know of any people that have been treated extremely badly because of being Asian?
Yes, I've heard of the notorious case in 1982, of Vincent Chin was murdered by 2 white people. They were not put into a prison as they deserved. They only paid a couple thousand dollars for court settlement. That is really racist against Asians.

I think that racism against Asians has declined because the world has become more literate , and there is more communication between people from different parts of the world. So I think that the racism and prejudice against Asians, generally speaking has declined. But in certain areas there may still exist some racism. It may grow a little bit more, but overall speaking, it is declining.

Generally speaking racism against any race, is declining, But only in poverty stricken areas, racism is raised a little bit. I think racism against African Americans, and Asians are getting less noticeable.
Do you think around the world there is a prejudice about Asians being a certain religion?

No, I do not think there is any racism/prejudice against religion. However, if a person from a certain area of Asia, he/she might be easily associated with a certain religion. If a person is from India, they are very likely to be Hindu or Indian Muslim, and if they are from them Thailand, you can easily relate to him as Buddhism.

Yes, for example normally the impression that Asians give to regular people is that they are shy, and do not know how to communicate with other people. So that is bad. The good thing is that Asian people are usually hard working, and very good at academics.
Many people consider Asians to be passive and shy. Why do you think they would that and what do you think about it?

That is majorly because of the language barrier. If you are not very good a language, you tend to stay quiet. I think that is the major issue. If Asians are educated in the U.S. they do not have this problem. I think Asians should be outgoing, especially for those new immigrants, they should communicate and join the mainstream society.

Racism normally happens in places of poverty. For example, high demand of natural resources like water, coal, and petroleum. There will be racism because of conflict interest. In U.S. the racism is not bad at all compared to the rest of the world.

I think that everybody should be treated nicely and in the proper way, politely. I do not have any prejudice against other races. I treat people the way I want to be treated. When dealing with other races, I’m more cautious at the beginning because I do not want to hurt them and I also want to respect their customs and religions. By that way we can deal with different strangers nicely to reduce the bad consequences of prejudice