Jonathan Maas

As Interviewed by Kate W, 3/20/15

Jonathan Maas: In His Own Words

I think a big thing right now is that, yes, there is a lot of controversy in the church and yes, and there is a lot of judgment that the church presents, as well as the judgment that we receive. But I think the church is doing well, and I feel that God is moving among the churches very well, especially in other churches around the world. He is doing something very big -- and he doing something strong for us.

I think that there is a part of the church that is falling apart though and being hurt because the leaders do not know how to disciple the new believers that are coming in. They do not know how to disciple each other, or how to encourage each other in the love of God and the word of God, or how to walk others up in a life with God. So I think itís a lack of discipleship within the church and the whole body of Christ.

The small percentage of Christians that do know about Christ are usually hardcore about discipling and meeting up one on one every once in a while just to talk to people, and just to encourage them in their faith -- and that is a key thing that Jesus mentions for the church to be an encouragement of each other in the love of God. So I think that there is just a lack of discipleship skills in the church, especially in the churches of America, and I think itís hurting the church, -- many people are falling away from God because they donít know how to conquer the leading of the Bible or they donít know how to take the word and study it because they think it only comes from the pastor or should only be led by a certain group of people who have been studying the Bible for decades. But it isnít about that -- the Bible wasnít meant for the most trained, wise person. I mean, if you look at all of the disciples, they were all fishermen. Jesus just pulled these men out to show them that it doesnít take the most intelligent person to understand Godís word.

So I think the main conflict within the church is that they make people look at the Bible and go, ďOh, that is only for the pastor to understandĒ or ďItís only for that person to understand, but not for me, because Iím not that close to God and I donít talk to GodĒ -- well, all of us are learning how to talk to God, and all of us are learning how to listen to God, so weíre all in the same boat!