Lillian Kao

As Interviewed by Belinda Lin, March 22

Lillian Kao: In Her Own Words

Lillian: "So, I passed that."
Belinda: "So, when this kind of thing was happening, did you know that the Communist Party and Nationalist Party were fighting against each other?"
Lillian: "Oh, yeah, we knew that, we had war all the time. We escaped from here and there from Northeast China to the center of China. And then we moved to Taiwan. Taiwan is a small island, only."
Belinda: "Hmm."
Lillian: "And all of Big China was taken over by Communists."
Belinda: ". . . Wow. When the Nationalist Party and Communist Party were fighting, did you think the Nationalist Party was going to win, or did you know the Communist Party was going to win?"
Lillian: ". . . Oh, we felt like the Communist Party was going to win, we knew it."
Belinda: ". . . Hm. So, why didn't you like the Communist Party? What was wrong with them?"
Lillian: "I didn't like them, 'cause we grew up in the Nationalist country, and then my parents were working in the government."
Belinda: "Mmhmm."
Lillian: "I didn't like the Communist country at all."
Belinda: "I can see why you wouldn't."
Lillian: "We just, heh, got sent away from China to Taiwan."
Belinda: "Mmhmm. What did you think of Chiang Kai-shek?"
Lillian: ". . . What-?"
Belinda: "What did you think of Chiang Kai-shek?"
Lillian: "What-? What did you say?"
Belinda: "Chiang Kai-shek, the leader of the Nationalist Party?"
Lillian: "Oh, Chiang Kai-shek."
Belinda: "Yes."
Lillian: "Yes, the Nationalist Party . . . we won the second World War, you know."
Belinda: "Mmhmm."
Lillian: "We had a very hard time in the second World War, I was in Sichuan, and then when we won, we were pretty happy, but, we were poor because the Communists and Japanese had taken over all of the places. And then, we had hard times, and a lot of people didn't have enough food to eat, and the Communist Party just started taking those people to fight against the Nationalist Party, lost and ended up in Taiwan. So, all my studies, my young times, my younger, childish times were all unstable, we had to run from here to there, all over the place, haha."