T. Yannie

As Interviewed by Taru Mi., March 12, 2017

About T. Yannie

Taru M. (brief introduction): This is Taru Mishra and I interviewed a dadís friend and she talks about her experience fighting and protesting for pro-life and anti-abortion as well as her thoughts and feelings on how abortion has shaped our society today.

My belief in the sanctity of life, that each life has value and dignity and believing that when a woman conceives a child that itís really a child in her womb -- itís not just matter but itís a human being. I was really happy to be a part of it, but seems like a lot of people feel like abortion is okay so you, you feel almost like youíre in the minority.

Well it was encouraging because there were so many people there may be likeÖ I donít know, over a thousand or so, Iím not sure. And, so yeah it was very encouraging to me to see and hear people talk about how much god loves people and here the truth, here like positiveÖ uplifting speeches that are for helping women and for the unborn. Who deserve- you know, they canít talk if theyíre in their motherís womb, and the mother decides to you know, get rid of them, like they canít say anything so we were like speaking up for the little ones that canít say that they donít want to die. So, it felt really good to be able to do something to help someone who canít help themselves. To, you know, come together and be united in wanting to stop it.

I went to the Planned Parenthood facility in St. Paul, which is like the biggest one, and I just stood out there and prayed for like two hours with my family. I didnít want to be obnoxious but I really felt like I wanted the evil to end, and that was my way of, you know, protesting.