Jatinder Nath Vasisht

As Interviewed by Aayush Vij, March 19, 2018

Jatinder Nath Vashist in his own words as interviewed by Aayush Vij

I was born in Sialkot Punjab which is now in Pakistan. I was seven years old. During the conflict we have seen many you know the people in the groupís, they had swords in their hand and they were killing people all around. To escape we were traveling on the train in the group of people of our community. I remember there-there was no water and the coach was very overcrowded and we were scared that a group would attack our train.

It was very joyful that we had reached our you know, grandfather's house safely and we got to see our family members so you know, it was a joyful event. I definitely was not a prisoner of war, I wasn't captured by the military.I can recall we had seen many you know mass killings all around and we also saw many dead corpses and bodies lying on the side of the tracks and you know we also saw some wounded on the tracks to, some crying it was horrible. I mean after reaching India we had no emotion, I mean we lost everything and we were lost ourselves and the other people had looted and confiscated our house.

After arriving we went straight to our grandfather's house who was staying in Jalandhar, Punjab, India. Our valuables were lost to the rebel groups and we snuck some jewelry onboard the train. Civilian rights were ok but they were just butchering everybody I mean every Hindu.

It was really horrible and we were lucky to escape the boundaries. We lost hope many times during the journey, the constant stopping made us scared and we were waiting to get to the border. We never returned to my house in my hometown. We were sad to lose our house but we were happy to escape and save our lives. I dream of the events of what happened during those 3 days. The most horrible thing that happened to me was hearing the crying and seeing the dead bodies on the side of the tracks, laying there lifeless.
Thank You for sharing your experience.
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