Raj Chhajed

As Interviewed by Advika Sharma, March 24, 2019

Raj Chhajed: In Her Own Words

My name is Advika Sharma, and I interviewed my grandmother, Mrs. Raj Chhajed, about her experiences with women’s rights in India. During her childhood, she had limited opportunities, one of which was a proper education.

At that time, the education I got from my parents was considered a full education. I wanted to continue my education, but I wasn’t able to, because my parents did not want me to attend coed schools. Other than that, I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Arts. I consider myself very lucky for having this education, for I have benefitted very much from it. I taught not only my own family, but after marriage, I taught my siblings in law as well. I also made sure my children had a proper education, and tried my hardest to help them move forward. I stayed by them, and educated them to the best of my ability. After that, they continued on their own. Education completely affected my life, because at that time, girls could not get a proper education. I saw children whose parents completely stopped them from going to school. People would say, “they are just girls, what will they do with an education?” Particularly, the perception of girls, that they just have to make food, just light a stove, prevents them from learning. I felt good that I finished my education, and it benefitted me, because when I went to live in an uneducated village after marriage, I educated many young children to the best I could, and also argued for them to go to school.