Caprice Pierucci

As interviewed by Bella B., March 10, 2019

Caprice Pierucci: In Her Own Words

This is Bella Benke interviewing Caprice Pierucci, a Senior Lecturer at Texas State [University] and Committee Chair member on a recent exhibition centered around bringing awareness to sexual assault.

Iíve had more and more students coming forward doing art projects having to do with sexual assault. And, this particular piece was done in a 3D design class and was done by Annette E. And, the project is taking two objects and combining them. And what combines them could be as simple as a drop of glue. And so, she took a high heel and a bed sheet and tied a high heel to a converse sneaker, and then threw it over one of the pipes in the room, and it was about a sexual assault. And she said, you donít necessarily have to be out partying in your high heels, you could also be on your way home from the gym, and that it could happen to anyone. And of course, the whole class was very moved by, you know, her sharing this story. And, we talked to the class about how this could be a social practice piece, where maybe itís something where people participate in and bring their shoes. We made the proposal. And then, Is she sure you want to go through with it? And she said yeah and send it in. And we got it, and the committee really liked the idea.

And so I thought it was really interesting while I was researching about sexual assault on college campuses. In 2011, I found an article, about a student named Mirabelle Jones, who founded an organization called Art Against Assault, where similar to the exhibition Annette is hosting, Mirabelle created a community where people had experienced sexual assault and expressed themselves through art. So hearing about this program and connecting it back to the exhibition, what can you say about the term: Art Heals?

Yeah. I really feel that you know that itís like anytime that you can get something out thatís inside of you thatís upsetting. And it could be writing, it could be running and exercising, and it could be art. It could be growing something, I mean, I always think of art as being something that is between your hands, your mind, and your heart, like writing a journal: Hands... Mind... Heart.... There's a connection. When you're using hands, it's easier to be in touch.