Madhura Sarode

As interviewed by S.S., April 28, 2019

Madhura Sarode: In Her Own Words

My full name is Madhura Sarode. Iím a CPU design engineer. I work at Intel. I finished my undergrad in India and I did my Masters in US -- San Antonio.

I witnessed a lot of poverty in India. Basically itís very normal to see beggars standing on the roadside in India. Lots of times small kids will come to your house asking for food, and I did give them food that my mom cooked, sometimes without my mom knowing it, because of course she cooked limited food for lunch or dinner.

And I gave these kids my shoes or my clothes because these kids will be roaming around barefooted in [the] summer when itís very hot in India.

Ok, can you tell me why you decided to immigrate to the US?

So basically, when I got married, me and my husband went to Malaysia first, and after spending one and a half years there we went back to India. We bought a house, and then my husband got another opportunity to come to [the] US.

So we came to [the] US thinking that weíll live here for a while; explore the places, see the new things. We came here and soon we got bored. We went back to India. We had our first child and then again we got an opportunity to come here.

Thatís when we really decided to stay here, mainly because of the opportunities kids get. For example there are a lot of sports opportunities, the coaches are easily available, there are good clubs and good teaching available. Even thereís a good education. There are very good schools, for example in Austin.

So yes, mainly because of the academic opportunities we decided to stay in [the] US.

[Did your mom ever catch you giving away food to the beggars outside your door?

Sometimes I feel like she knew I was doing it all along, but she let me because she knew they needed it more than we did. I always felt sad and sorry for all the beggars on the street, and I think she did too, because she let me help them even when we might have needed the things I was giving away. It always made me feel good after helping them.