Lee Yeakel

As interviewed by Kat Reagan
"The government that governs best is the government that governs least."
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Patrice Melanšon

As Interviewed by Cooper Roalson
"I think that if women can prove that they are physically capable of doing a job, they should be able to do anything that they want to do"
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Mary Odom

As Interviewed by Asa Shepard
"It was like you weren't a full-fledged citizen."
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Shilpa K.

by Nirmiti K.
"And after some time we heard ambulances and police cars coming, you know the sirens."
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Karri Kline

As Interviewed by Rhi Spicer
"Somebody had to do it, and I just happened to be one of the knumbskulls that decided to."
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Eleanor Thompson

As interviewed by Myra Karpinski
"The harder issue would be more like physical dysphoria, which is the sort of disconnect that I feel between myself and my body and my experiences."
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Uma Devi

As Interviewed by Geetika Polavarapu
"My mother told me to marry him. So I did. "
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