Elora-Isabella Baird

As Interviewed by Star Wasson
"If this whole technological advance thing goes on for much longer, there wonít be a need to speak because people will be like me, depending on a computer for everyday conversations."
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Quin Goyer

As Interviewed by Eli Goyer
"Itís a condition, and thereís not really any denying that without lying to yourself. But itís a part of who I am, just like anybodyís conditions are a part of who they are."
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Robbie G. Polk

As Interviewed by Eva R.
"Youíre going to find mean people everywhere and people that will pick on you, but if you have a good support systemÖ it doesnít really matter."
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Ruby Baddour

As Interviewed by Sofia M.
"If we want to live in a society, we should be willing to sacrifice ourselves for whoever needs our help."
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Dane Daniel

As Interviewed by Zachary Kosub
"Everything was segregated."
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Mac Arthur Carter

As Interviewed by Taylor
"We heard a gunshot and a light coming out of his back yard. He was shooting at us."
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As Interview by Andrew Reyna
"When I came here my dream was to go to school. Work and work, and you know, to find a part time job and go to school, but when I got here the life was very different."
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Yvonne Davis

As Interviewed by Eliza Cain
"If you really care about something, the only person you can trust to change it is yourself."
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Martha J Clark

As Interviewed by Mason Clark
"I remember hearing the blacks sing ďWe Shall Overcome,Ē and I remember thinking, itís about time."
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Tuyen V. Nguyen

As Interviewed By Deborah N.
"Iím really thankful for America. Especially if you are born here, sometimes you take the things you have here for granted, and you donít appreciate what a great country you have. So itís worth keeping the freedom you have and worth fighting for it."
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Ethan Williams

As Interviewed by E.C.
"There may be a difference in color, but there is no difference in the human spirit."
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Ravindra Suduwadewage

As Interviewed by Avishka S.
"It was a miracle that I was in the next passenger car to the one that exploded. It was my life's luck, or I would have been dead too."
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Betsy Greenberg

As Interviewd by Anna Odell
"There was a big effort to include all of the students."
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Anh Thomas

As Interviewed by Michael Martinez
"Since there were military police all around trying to capture men leaving the country, he had to dress up like an old woman. He carried my 18-month-old sister and walked out, so it looked like just women and children who were leaving with the Americans."
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Diana Molina

As Interviewed by Cara DeWitt
"The desired result is immigration reform, and that has not been achieved. Itís a step in the right direction."
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Mr. Nguyen

As Interviewed by W.N.
"What I learned is that failures do not count, only the success counts, even if it comes late, and it certainly comes if I never give up. For me, I could not live without freedom. Like Patrick Henry said, ďGive me Liberty or give me Death.Ē I would rather die in the sea than live in a country where there is no freedom."
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Kellie Bailey

As Interviewed by Claire C.
"I have no intention of doing anything less than a 100% job."
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Phyllis Nachamie

As Interviewed by Celia McDonald
"I donít expect for the people to stand up for me, but I fight for equality for everybody."
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Laura S. Hoke

Sage B.
"They absolutely deserve a second chance. "
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James Edward Smith

As Interviewed by Janae B.
"Weíre gonna have to make some changes because separate but equal just ainít gonna work."
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Hui-yao Lin

As Interviewed by Andy Liu
"Violence is not just physically, it can also be emotionally. They would just laugh at us and yell horrible things at us."
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Daury Rollins

As Interviewed by Mia B.
"Thereís no way I can wrap my mind around something unholy about love, in any form. Love is love; love is good."
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Tania Tasneem

As Interviewed by Caleb Ellington
"I think that itís unfortunate and I just don't support it. I don't understand it as a Muslim person. I don't even understand how they can call themselves Muslim."
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Matthew Caldwell

As Interviewed by Meija Caldwell
"I had to sit in an area for quote, "colored only." That's when I realized that things hadn't changed very much..."
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Sheri Bryant

As Interviewed by Ally Martin
"Everyone has assumptions or prejudices. It's up to each person to challenge their assumtptions about others."
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Danita Nelson

As Interviewed by Alice Kemp
"Why does my child have to ride the bus past a school that could serve her needs, just to get to the one in town? And it was because of race. Thatís why it was done in the first place."
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Sarah Barnes

As Interviewed by Ally Morales
"I should have not have not to go there, because basically out laws are being broken. Not just in the books, but in society, in general. You shouldn't have to ask for this kind of dignity for your child."
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David Sasman

As Interviewed by Lindy Manzke
"Iím just another person like anybody else."
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David Schneider

As Interviewed by Sam Benner
""The key to saving Sri Lanka's economy is the English language"."
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Virginia Raymond

As interviewed by Gabriel Salgado
"The question to me is not whether people have the right to be safe, but how do we get there? Thatís the hard part. How do we create communities that are safe? "
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Polly Brannen

As Interviewed by Megan Pratt
"When you're silent about a situation or a group of people who are at risk, it's a way of discriminating. It kinda means it doesn't exist."
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Nick Hall

As Interviewed by Mayona
"There must never be any kind of separation, ever, in people."
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George Davis Bittner

As Interviewed by Jack
"My view on segregation didnít really change over the years. I spoke out for integration rather loudly..."
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Danny Smith

As Interviewed by Jacob Laves
"The biggest memory that I always take away from participating in any march or any demonstration is the feeling of belonging to a community. Feeling, you know, like Iím not the only one."
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Martha Smiley

As Interviewed by Lukas Keel
"The injustice is that people see gender or race or ethnicity first, rather than the talent or the individual who they are interacting with. "
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G. de la Garza

Interviewed by Sophia Amstutz
"I do look back on my own experiences so that I can be more comforting to someone who is experiencing racism directly. "
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