Allison Wetzel

As Interviewed by Aidan Henderson
"Everyone needs to know it is not okay to abuse someone that is young, and if they know about it, they need to tell someone."
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Caroline Boudreaux

Interviewed by Christina Winbigler
"Putting that starving baby on that wooden bed, I thought, 'Somebody better help these kids!' And that was the minute I created the Miracle Foundation."
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Kerri Gerrie

As Interviewed by Dresden Timco
"I saw how much it meant to these Africans that were so overwhelmed by us being there. And it meant so much to them that an American would care so much about them."
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Loretta Lewis

As Interviewed by Solana O.
"There was always a sign reminding you, and the sign would say colored."
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Amrit Topiwala

As Interviewed by Kiran Topiwala
"The white always looked down on us, and not only that, they wanted us to be left uneducated so they could subjugate us."
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Khuloud (Lulu) Hussain

As Interviewed by Olivia Grace Young
"It is Islamically illegal to hang out with a guy that isn't related to you, which is hard."
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Adrian Golarte

As interviewed by Kristopher Cerda
"I'll discipline him, and he'll discipline me whenever he thinks I'm wrong and he thinks he's right, even though I know he's wrong."
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Candace Birkelbach

As Interviewed by Anita Iyer
"I really hope that that itís possible [for there to be no discrimination]...I think itís kind of like racism or any kind of bias that people have: itís never going to go away completely because you canít control the way everyone thinks, but I think that thereís definitely a lot of things we can do to work towards ending it or reducing it."
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Sarah Weddington

As Interviewed by Samuel Swafford
"I think young people have the energy to take on and solve those issues that are there. I would say, please think about where you can leave your thumbprint."
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Maria Muniz

As Interviewed by Faith K
"I have a dear, dear, friend who has been my friend since third grade, and to this day she has not forgiven those classmates of ours that teased her for being a Mexican who had to eat tacos for lunch."
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Juanell Matthews Garcia

As Interviewed by Matthew Garcia
"Work hard and prove to everyone that you are good."
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Rep. Elliott Naishtat

As Interviewed by Oona Moorhead
"They promised me San Francisco, but the government lied, and they sent me to Eagle Pass, Texas."
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Pat W. Maples

As Interveiwed by Bruno A. Maples
"I feel like the gap in salaries between gender in this country is disgraceful."
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Abrahim Alwan

Hanan Alwan
"I believe that any citizen should be able to speak their mind."
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Edward "Ed" Segura

As Interviewed by Devon Nelms
"The VA aren't there to help their veterans, they're there to help the government, themselves."
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Joe Leonard

As Interviewed by Emma Gleason
"I remember one Christmas, probably of Ď92 or Ď93, and he literally walked around the entire room and said hello to everybody except me. He was my favorite family member in the world, and I wanted to cry."
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Pete C. Alfaro

As Interviewed by Mikaela Rodriguez
"My mom would make the tacos, and we would hide the tacos in a brown bag. We would eat out of the brown bags because if someone saw us eating tacos they would make fun of us."
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Alma R.

As Interview by Diego Hernandez
"Everyone is the same in the inside, and thatís all that matters."
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William W. Barnes

As Interviewed by Jeremy Brinker
"Iíve learned three things in my life: that a jury is unpredictable, that hindsight is the best sight, and the Miranda rights were a good thing."
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Lee Brooks Wilson

As Interviewed by Adele Witt
"As long as there is any form of discrimination, in my opinion, I think that we have diminished the value of human life. The bottom line is that we are all the same people. My DNA is no different than your DNA; my cellular structure is no different than yours. My mental processes are no different than yours."
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Richard Hile

As Interviewed by Harrison Kuczaj
"Weíve started seeing the addition of power lines and, in some places, refrigeration. I think thatís one of the signs that our work is really making a difference."
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Debbie Odom

As Interviewed by D.W.
"I was tougher than that. Words don't bother me."
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Mary Sonia Flores Taylor

As Interviewed by Jack LaWare
"We may come from different countries, but [when] we come to the United States, we are all just one; we're Americans. We should treat each other and love each other like Americans."
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Vicki Faust

As Interviewed by Oscar Newman
"I think that marriage is a privilege, honestly, and itís a difficult privilege to carry off."
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Dr. Martin E. Berger

As Interviewed By Mathilda Nicot-Cartsonis
"Sheís been in a wheelchair since she was four years-old. That was kind of a powerful thing, a hard thing to deal with."
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Leonard Martin Martinez

As Interviewed by Arthur Martinez
"I think the Mexican people have contributed to this country and this state, and to our economy, and to our infrastructure. I think we ought to be open and allowing for them to come to this country."
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Dexter Wallace

As Interviewed by Andi Feddeler
"I felt hurt a lot of the time, but my dad taught us just to look over it. I donít pay any attention to it. Iím pretty sure people do it behind your back, but Iím a pretty big guy and nobody really do it to my face."
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Gilbert Tuhabonye

As Interviewed by Caroline V.
"To be able to walk, to be in the place where I almost lost my life, it was unbelievable."
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Lauren U.

As Interviewed by Zoe W.
"But when itís my turn to be the target for the day, people always stand up. And when theyíre not, like when Iím eating in the courtyard and someone from that class [isn't] there, I have to defend myself."
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Leti Alvarez

As Interviewed by Madeline Jones
"Ever since I was young, I had the passion to help those who didn't have as great a voice as I do."
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Donald Harnden

As Interviewed by Isabelle Dickey
"Two things have inspired me, and that is just working with people who have the problem and seeing what a little bit of help can make a huge difference"
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Gary Bledsoe

As Interviewed by Tristan Ketcham
"....Instead of getting a great deal different, our fights are becoming a great deal similar."
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Patricia G.

As Interviewed by Alec G.
"Education is clearly one of the most important factors to reducing poverty, and so we need to act as best we can."
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As Interviewed by Jason
"I wish that the people who discriminate me would imagine themselves being in my shoes before they start discriminating me."
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Andi Gentile

As Interviewed by Nishanth Kalavakolanu
"I think the best part of my job is watching people step into power, so people that thought they had no power finding their power and stepping into it."
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Apophia Munabi Munro

As Interviewed by Henry Munabi Trentham
"The British felt that they were more civilized than we were and that our way of life was. In terms of religion, we were pagans."
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Priscilla Hubenak

As Interviewed by Samuel Filleman
"When I think about desegregation a long time ago and having such separateness, it just seems real backwards and just seems so wrong. "
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Rolando R.

As Interviewed by Pilar R.
"There were some gentlemen that were involved in that union [The United Farm Workers of America] that were apparently making, I call it noise, but striking and not working in the fields, for the low pay they were making."
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Carol Brookhart

As interviewed by Chris V.
"I remember taking the kids to the Trail of Lights and riding the shuttle bus, and some 12-13 year old girls started saying ching-chong behind us."
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Jennifer PeŮa

M. W.
"In a situation where I think they should be safe and treated properly such as an environment like school, they are sometimes being mistreated."
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Cynthia Levinson

As Interviewed by Mary Griffis
"I ended up writing a book about the Childrenís March because as soon as I found out that children were being attacked by dogs and hit by hoses, then I knew I wanted to write about the Childrenís March."
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Stephanie Hamm

As Interviewed by Karina Gaul
"What do I recommend to young people about getting involved and making a change? Boy I wish I was young again, and could put myself in the position of young people because I think they have a very, very different experience. I just hope somehow, whether their parents are sensitive to the issues or not, that they can develop a sensitivity to other peopleís needs."
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Steph Steele

"Every person is different, and every person is the same, and itís the differences that make us great."
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