Gary Orfield

As interviewed by Daniel Kauffman
"Well I have been threatened many times. Gotten lots of strange letters. The Ku Klux Klan used to write to me when I was starting out. But I have never felt scared."
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Morris Kaplan

As Interviewed by Alex Cohan
"Growing up there, I sort of accepted that as this is just the way things were."
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Nan Clayton

As Interviewed by Emily Robinett
"You can't like everyone, but you have to have a reason to dislike them."
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John Guyton

As Interviewed by Noah Shimizu
"When you went to football games, you look up in the stands and everybody was black. But we knew that was a way of life."
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David Fryrear

As Interviewed by Lily Gannon
"I have to keep a positive attitude, that's the only way I can get through each day."
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Gary Hartman

As Interviewed Chet Fagerstrom
"I think as much as anything else, for the millions of white Americans at that time who were segregated from black Americans, and would see black Americans from a distance, suddenly, they have people like Sammy Davis Jr. or other black entertainers figuratively in their living rooms every night on TV or on the radio. And I think thatís a way that indirectly helped advance the civil rights movement."
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Sarah Wheat

As Interviewed by Clarissa Bird
"To me, civil rights means equality. It means people should all have access to the same things."
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Bing Han

As Interviewed by Joshua Han
"My parents and my parentís parents believe that someone who is highly educated can go on and make a good living, go to best college, and get a good job, and be respected in the society."
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Miriam Singer Breyer

As Interviewed by Emma Seaborn
"You can't do everything, but don't let not being able to do everything prevent you from doing something."
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Khanh Tran

As Interviewed by Harrison T.
"For so many years, the Vietnamese have been independent, but they still have worse human rights."
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Renee Bose

As Interviewed by C.O.
"I was being treated unfairly."
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Aruna Addala

As interviewed by Srikari Swamy
"If a woman has made up her mind, and if she is determined, then there is nothing limiting her. "
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Alegria Hibbits

As Interviewed by Talia Willcott
"How callous of me to not think about places where people do get shot and teenagers canít cross the street, for fear that a gang member or somebody could shoot them."
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Wanda Nelson

As Interviewed by Abhi Dhir
"The cycle was, you were born on the plantation, owned by the plantation, you work all your life, and when you have children, the same thing happens to them."
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Vlad Kucherovsky

As interviewed by Alec Schultz
"Ability to be successful here, you don't get that anywhere else."
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Brandon Kaung

As Interviewed by Tyler Kaung
"One thing that is very obvious to me is that if we applied to get a phone line, it would take so many years and needed bribery. If we were relatives of the military dictatorship, it would take only two days. "
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Steven Dietz

As Interviewed By Ben Wade
"I can't feed Africa, but I can feed this one kid. I can clothe this one kid and I can take care of this one kid."
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Charlene Fitzgerald

As Interviewed by Sam DiCarlo
"The parents cause a lot of trouble. That is what I really think deep down in my heart. I think my mother was wrong."
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Trevor Romain

As Interviewed by Asher Eaton
"Her concern was me getting home safe, not her being arrested. And that stayed with me for a long time."
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Hal Reames

As Interviewed by Arieus Reames
"Although the school was integrated, and the teams I played on were integrated, the after school parties took place in a building owned by the city, and it was segregated. Nobody down there did anything about it or said anything about it."
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Alex Wang

As Interviewed by Mingxuan Zhao
"They don't just say, ďOh, this year were only going to let in 500 Asian people or 500 white people or 500 black people.Ē So itís not a set number, but they definitely have some sort of proportion in mind."
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Kelly Schneider and Kathrin Kersten

As Interviewed By Olivia Hardage
"We want to have a wedding just like everybody else."
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Tom Kovar

Calena Kovar
"I want them to know that the Holocaust did exist. I was a part of it."
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