Mark K. Updegrove

As Interviewed by Henry Brodkin
"Until you offer every American who’s able to vote the opportunity to do so, you don’t have a democracy…You’re not fulfilling your promise as a democratic nation, as a republic, unless you’re giving people a voice at the voting booth. "
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Marjorie Gaynor

As Interviewed By Sam Gaynor
"They had to start a new beginning, and leave all of their relatives, and all of their friends, and knowing they would never see each other again."
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Deena Kalai

As Interviewed by M.W.
"For me, the important part of what I do is the word ‘choice’: that people can make their own decisions."
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Terry Cole

As Interviewed by Lael Weatherby
"They really want the same things we want. They may have different ways of expressing it, but they want the same things."
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Meg Barnhouse

As Interviewed by Nathan Reed
"Most of the books about the ‘gay lifestyle’ made it sound so depressing, empty and cold. It was like, you will always be persecuted and never have any children."
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Lynne Prater

As interviewed by Ellis Prater-Burgess
"Well, I wanted equality, and I wanted fairness with credit and jobs; I think I wanted what every woman wants today. So it really hasn't changed much; I wanted what’s equally right for a woman that a man has or anyone else."
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Miriam Schumacher

As Interviewed by Jacob Greendyk
"The roads were big, the cars were big, the amount of food people ate was huge. It astounded me."
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Helen Yackley

As Interviewed by Petula Randolph
"The initial view on the Civil Rights Movement was something that should have happened a long time ago."
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Sandra Joy

As Interviewed by Paul Gold
"I firmly believe that the death penalty is being used by politicians to get people to fall in line. "
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Rafael V.

As Interviewed by Prakrith R.
"It’s pretty easy now to see what the word terrorism means: acts of violence committed by those who don’t agree with U.S. policy."
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Thomas Bacon

As Interviewed by Harriet Butler
"You could feel you were making a difference. However, a lot of what we did was sit around and wait."
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Timothy L. Bertotti

As Interviewed by Clayton Bertotti
"You are liable to get a fair shake here from justice and our system of government, which doesn’t always happen overseas."
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Ganga Nagindas Topiwala

As Interviewed by Rajan Topiwala
"We were full of excitement as Gandhi passed by our town, knowing that many were supporting the cause of independence and a hope for a better future. "
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Heidi Hojnicki

Audrey Sayer
"It's not a question of gay rights, it's a question of human rights. "
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Kerry Baker

Emily B.
"I would say that getting people to care more about what happens to their fellow human beings is the one thing that could really make a difference in the area of racial relations."
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Terry Bounds

As interviewed by Maggie Bishop
"Most of us are just regular people living regular lives, you know, raising kids, doing laundry. That kind of thing."
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Susan K. Dubois

As Interviewed by Peter Dubois
"When you’re talking about justice issues and poverty, things like decreasing the incarceration rate of black people, you have to empower black people to speak for black people."
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Liu Su

As Interviewed by Dillon Liu
"For China, I think that the Cultural Revolution was one of the growing experiences for all Chinese people."
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Keeth Matheny

As Interviewed by Truman Matheny
"Monday: best day of the week. Great day to get better."
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Barbara Boyden

As Interviewed by Gwyneth Boyden
"One of the puppets was in a wheelchair, one of them had a learning disability, and one of them was blind."
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Coby Stilp

As Interviewed by Gracie Smith
"I carried a knife in my boots when I was in seventh and eighth grade. It was just something that you did to protect yourself even though nothing ever happened. "
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Cindy B. Sanders

As Interviewed by Karel T.
"I learned from my kids to accept everybody for who they are and to pass on the love. Pass it forward."
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David Martinez

As Interviewed by Perry Estes
"That's the hidden factor in American social fabric, that in a funny way, classism is stronger than racism."
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Nicki Boyte

As Interviewed by John Hearn
"Everybody says, “If I was disabled, I would just want to just go kill myself.” Well, no, you wouldn’t. You'd get depressed, and you'd feel sorry for yourself, but then the will to survive would kick in... I know no other way. I don’t have that choice. Or, I don’t want that choice; and I am who I am."
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Rene Vazquez

As Interviewed by Rene Vazquez
"I wanted to go to the United States to try to get a job because there’s not as many jobs and opportunities in Mexico as there is here in the U.S."
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Rebecca Lightsey

As Interviewed by Caroline Hemphill
"A real key piece of it is educating teachers and principals and school administrators that this is happening, this is real."
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Ellen Hoopes

As Interviewed by Gregory Hoopes
"Not only did we sustain damage and trauma from the eruption, we also lost our good paying jobs from the U.S. military bases."
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Raymond Ranker

As Interviewed by Leah
"In most places, I didn't understand the language, but I still felt that connection with people."
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Amber O'Rourke
"When you stop and think about it and find out they were not being paid very much money, it's sort of shocking, and it made me want to do something about it."
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Lisa Parry

As Interviewed by Isabelle Szepatowski
"We don't realize it, but every kid in America has a chance for school and has an opportunity to make something out of themselves."
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Angela Stuesse

As Interviewed by Avery Davis
"I would describe the condition of Equatorial Guinea as corrupt."
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Melissa Nicholson

As Interviewed by Dani Levy
"We cannot be ignored. We cannot, as women, be overlooked."
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