Tuyen V. Nguyen

As Interviewed By Deborah N.
"Iím really thankful for America. Especially if you are born here, sometimes you take the things you have here for granted, and you donít appreciate what a great country you have. So itís worth keeping the freedom you have and worth fighting for it."
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Anh Thomas

As Interviewed by Michael Martinez
"Since there were military police all around trying to capture men leaving the country, he had to dress up like an old woman. He carried my 18-month-old sister and walked out, so it looked like just women and children who were leaving with the Americans."
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Mr. Nguyen

As Interviewed by W.N.
"What I learned is that failures do not count, only the success counts, even if it comes late, and it certainly comes if I never give up. For me, I could not live without freedom. Like Patrick Henry said, ďGive me Liberty or give me Death.Ē I would rather die in the sea than live in a country where there is no freedom."
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Pascal Baredste

As Interviewed by Stephen T.
"We had the right to not be killed, and that was it... "
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Sonia Glazer

As Interviewed by Jonathan Sadun
"On September 1, 1939, the Russians walked into our city."
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Adaeze (Nne) Ezekoye

As Interviewed by Ify Ezekoye
"Igbos have been stigmatized and marginalized. The big social injustice is that to this day, Igbo people are not properly characterized -- only as troublemakers, based off of ethnicity."
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Duke Ngo

As Interviewed by Nithin Richard
"When you would play in the street, you would see lots of soldiers and tanks and a lot of people exchanging money."
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Sonia Ell

As Interviewed by Josh Geeslin
"I have always felt that I need to keep my religion, my belief, and to be proud of my ethnicity and who I am."
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Marie Brown

As Interviewed by Sam Pastor
"You werenít free anymore, and you didnít have anything to dress, you had to watch your language, you had to watch everything."
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Tony Tran

As Interviewed by Brandon Lee
"They call us refugees. Vietnam refugees or the Boat People. The Boat People of Vietnamese refugees."
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Hata Pilav

As Interviewed by Muamer Amir Pilav
"War is a stupid old man's game that is used to stay in power. "
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