Abrahim Alwan

Hanan Alwan
"I believe that any citizen should be able to speak their mind."
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Michael Stone

An Interview by Jake Atlas
"You could just hear the bombs, and they were using napalm and bombs, helicopters and what not. You try to maintain a neutral position, but almost everyone sympathized with someone. It was impossible not to."
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Robin S.

As Interviewed by Ben Wangrin
"I don't want to feel so lost and dependent on everyone again, even as wonderful as they were. It's just a bad feeling to know that you're old and you can't do anything for yourself."
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Kamran Asdar Ali

As Interviewed by Raavi A.
"One has to be kind to others, irrespective."
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Peter Polgar

As Interviewed by Kaitlin P.
"I guess at eight years-old these things are more adventuresome than worrisome."
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Anh Thomas

As Interviewed by Ryan Thomas
"I left Vietnam in 1975 with the last exodus of American soldiers."
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Tan Huynh

As Interviewed by Satvik Kolluri
"If you see videos and images of that last day -- where everybody was just going crazy, trying to climb onto the next US helicopter, plane, or ship -- we were part of that group."
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Martha Shaftel

An Interviewed by Ellie Zambarano
"My motherís mother went with her to the concentration camp and was selected to go to the right side, and the people that went to the right were mostly the elderly, the infirm, or women like my grandmother, who was carrying and baby and had three younger ones with her. She went to the right for extermination."
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Gilbert Tuhabonye

As Interviewed by Caroline V.
"To be able to walk, to be in the place where I almost lost my life, it was unbelievable."
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Timothy Bertotti

As Interviewed by Edison B.
"Overall, it (USAID) has been extremely successful, and has potentially staved off wars in many countries."
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