Michael Mainor

As Interviewed by J.W.
"I am so compassionate about people and kids and people who I donít know, who I see need help, or are suffering in some kind of way. I help them because it always goes back to when I saw the people of Kuwait walking from their country with no food or any water."
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Kathi West

As Interviewed by Rachel F.
"In the old days, they used to say this perpetrator doesnít have any money at the time of the sentencing, so the judge wonít order any restitution. But what if they inherit it or win the lottery? Couldnít touch it."
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Ada Seidemann

As Interviewed by Viktoria H.
"You donít recover from your losses. You just leave because you are alive."
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Ami Vaidya

As Interviewed by Sahil V.
"The biggest hardships were probably racism. I would always have to be conscious if I saw someone with a crew cut or looked like a skinhead, to walk on the other side of the road. My heart would pump a little bit faster, and I would be prepared to run, or fight. I would always have to be more vigilant about my surroundings. A hardship in the UK was just living, making sure youíre not at the wrong place at the wrong time. "
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Diana Lerner

As Interviewed by Maris Alford
"I am not a native speaker, my Spanish is never perfect, but people are so appreciative of your effort to speak their language, it has never been a problem for me, working in Austin or in Rochester."
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Khanh Tran

As Interviewed by Harrison T.
"For so many years, the Vietnamese have been independent, but they still have worse human rights."
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Amnon Orent, Ph.D.

As Interviewed by Gabriela Fagelman
"At the same moment my parents came in, rushing in to grab me away from the window. But the thing that I was watching was the synagogue next door burning down."
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Elaine W.

As Interviewed by Jack Roberts
"we can't understand other people who have grown up differently. Even though, eventually, we will have to grow up to be one country Ė one world actually."
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Brandon Kaung

As Interviewed by Tyler Kaung
"One thing that is very obvious to me is that if we applied to get a phone line, it would take so many years and needed bribery. If we were relatives of the military dictatorship, it would take only two days. "
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Eva F.

As Interviewed by Maria S.
"They closed the congress, eliminated the elections, took over the power, put people in jail, tortured, and killed..."
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