Trina Barlow

As Interviewed by Anna F
"She left her home with her children in the middle of the night, with gunfire, and people setting fire to the houses around them, and they literally ran for their lives into the jungle."
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Laurie Heffron

As interviewed by M.K.
"I always, as long back as I can remember, was interested in social justice issues, from the time I was probably a kid and was interested in international issues and multicultural issues and learning about people from all over the world."
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As Interviewed by R.R.
"But when the Communists came, they took everything away."
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James Derry

As Interviewed by Eva Derry
"Our involvement really did save a lot of lives."
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Kelvin Lam

As Interviewed by Kendrick Lam
"You won't get a fair chance to compete."
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Thomas Bacon

As Interviewed by Harriet Butler
"You could feel you were making a difference. However, a lot of what we did was sit around and wait."
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Ballint Dezso

As Interviewed by Natalie Dezso
"the Russians built their fence, and the only arms we had was the Molotov cocktail."
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Myle Buchanan

As Interviewed by Aleah Haight
"We progressed down the fishing dock, acting all casual, and all of the sudden there was this woman that looked like a beggar, she bumped into me and said ‘Run!’"
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