Triphine Tuhabonye

As Interviewed by Lucas Abounader
"I don't think we've made any progress. I feel like we went down in everything -- the economy, the peace. Everything is down. No one knows what to do now."
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Lan Tran

As Interviewed by Garrett Urbach
"At that time, currency was constantly changing; thatís how the communist government kept hold of people. The only thing that was good was gold. So, my mom sold a lot of her wedding jewelry, and other jewelry that she had to buy us tickets onto boats. When we left, I was just a baby. We couldn't pack a lot so basically, she [her mom] just layered up clothes, so it was just the clothes that we had on us."
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Jennifer Long

As Interviewed by Nathan Mangibin
"We should treat everyone with justice, and everyone humanely, and everyone the way we would want to be treated if we had to flee our country and go to another country. "
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