Gilbert Tubahonye

As Interviewed by Sophia Dale
"I had a faith, I had a voice that kept telling me that I will be alright, that I will escape. "
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Desi Burns Porter

Owen Beasley
"There wasn't any hesitation to uproot his family and flee to another country."
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Lilian Dubon

As Interviewed by Gabriel Keller
"We knew either we were gonna be dead, like somebody would've killed us, or we were gonna get involved with gangs."
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Gretchen Shartle

As Interviewed by Hailey Ripp
"I would catch glimpses...of these poor people... I thought 'my goodness, that's hard for them' and I felt the need to help."
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Duong Nguyen

As Interviewed by Thanh-Lan Nguyen
"When you in the open sea on a small boat, you risk your life and a storm - even a small one - can sink your boat and your life."
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Kazinga Kisabi

As interviewed by Caylee Rincon
"You can walk here to a certain distance you are tired you can sleep in a bush, and in the day you wake up and continue the journey and then when you are tired you can just sleep in a bush just like that."
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