Doug Kilday

As Interviewed By Judge Baskin
"It was very much a spiritual experience and it was very much a sense that God was using people to accomplish Godís purposes."
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Lin Li

Andy Wang
"My friends faces were frozen with FEAR."
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Frank Del Castillo

As Interviewed by Alex Kiehn
"And I can remember standing in the middle of a three lane access road, waving my hands, trying to get somebody to stop, and then I realize there is a knife in my hand, who's gonna stop for someone with a knife in their hand?"
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John Golden

As interviewed by Nate Mackintosh
"A lot of people didnít understand the capacity of everything the Secret Service did other than covering the president the protecting the president. "
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Miguel Suarez

As Interviewed X. K.
"You wouldn't think that something so small could do much harm."
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