William Mueller

As Interviewed by Luke Mueller-Oden
"I was part of a group called Westminster House at the time. It was a Presbyterian student center near campus. And this came up and there were several girls at a nearby sorority that got interested and pretty soon we put together this sort of cosmopolitan group of people from various areas of campus and organized a petition drive."
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Christal Hamann

As Interviewed by Alyssa Rodriguez
"I lived in Germany during the time of the Holocaust. Pirmasens."
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Paul McCord

As interviewed by Ian McCord
"I had friends who rode the bus to school, I rode the bus to school, so I didnít get why the other kids couldnít ride the bus to school."
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David Shimizu

Maya Shimizu
"Iím happy that I got involved with something bigger than myself that was beneficial to others, especially to others in a far away place that really had nothing directly to do with us."
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Emma Flores-Huibregtse

As Interviewed by Coralie Huibregtse
"No one discriminates against me now. I donít feel like Iím different from anybody else."
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Mariah Rodriguez

As Interviewed By Rodrigo Vivar
"Pues yo digo que siempre traten de tener la familia unida. Que no se metan en problemas y si la gente a ya sin documentos, traten de agarrarlos. I say we always try to keep the family together. Do not get in trouble and if the people without documents, try to get them."
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Maria Gonzales

As Interviewed by Roberto Ramos
"We Mexicans are very hard working..."
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Lori Wasserburger

As Interviewed by Nellie J.
"So maybe thatís my personality, maybe it was the way I was raised, but I donít think I was ever afraid to be different. And as a matter of fact, I kind of liked being different."
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Mrs. Herta Pila

As Interviewed By Sam D.
"I just lived one day after the next and hoped for the best."
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Nicole Savage

As Interviewed by Ben Deterling
"When the Communists took over, you couldn't go to church whenever you felt like it. You couldn't just have a celebration or Mass. They had to approve everything."
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Cynthia Michener

As Interviewed by Erin T.
"They were very wrong. I only understood what the teacher was saying when facing us."
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Jing-Fen Lee

As Interviewed by Howard Shan
"The Japanese were really nice to us, and we weren't really forced to do anything."
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Katie McKay

As Interviewed by Jacob Switek
"I teach in a way that teaches students how they can be agents of change in the world."
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Luc L. Lavier

As Interviewed by Theo Lavier
"Like all my friends, we all believed that because our parents were working class we would be, too, and the teacher just believed the same thing. It is a hidden injustice buried in the very fabric of the society."
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Interviewed by A.M.
"The main reason people underestimate us is because we underestimate ourselves."
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Norma Lopez

As Interviewed By Veronica Lopez
"Youíre Hispanic. They donít know where youíre from so they treat you differently."
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Michael O'Malley

As interviewed by Claire Nelson
"All these people can and should be able to speak for their rights, but other people need to join them."
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Kathy Sladek

As Interviewed by Reid Childs
"It was so different that except for the people that came to helped our mothers, I hardly ever saw any black people, except on Saturday."
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Suzanne Cloke

As Interviewed by Ransom Cloke
"When I first came here, they said, "Are you ready for the 8th of March?...It is Womanísí day, it is the night all the women can go out!" And I just about started laughing; I thought you can go out any time."
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Dexter Wallace

As Interviewed by Amanda P.
"I wouldn't let anybody discriminate against me."
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Steve Phelps

As interviewed by Emma Ryan
"There is still progress to be made, lots of progress. But I think the recognition of gay rights is heightened. I think itís the natural next wave of the civil rights movement."
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Dominic Solis

Cameron Solis
"Everyone we work with has a story and deserves to be treated with respect and dignity and I think that's one thing that we provide, a place for people to go to when they think they canít do anything else."
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Stephanie Thomas

Jackson Akin
"I think that one thing that is important is that people feel they have a right to be there and the right to participate. If everyone has that attitude it will be likely that we can work out any problems that are there, whatever they might be."
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Adel Emam

As Interviewed by Dashiell J
"...and then the third ten years, everybody start saying, ďHey, you [Mubarak] have to go. Thirty years is long enough!í"
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Leon Richardson II

As Interviewed by Peyton Tanzillo
"So there were people that once we got to know them and they got to know us, they realized we wanted to live our lives and wanted to live their lives like everyone else."
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