Daniel Prath

As Interviewed by Lily Prath
"The biggest take away that I have is that most people in the world are good, and most people in the world have, you know, they just want to be safe, and live, and let their kids grow, and have a life. I think that this would knock down a lot of these crazy political walls that we put up between each other."
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Mark Carder

As interviewed by SJ Naftel
"We were in The White House and spent an entire day looking for the spot where I would take his pictures, and two days later I met with the president for about an hour and a half."
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Joshua Thompson

As interviewed by Adam Reisman
"I didnít start running until my freshman year of high school."
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Ian Crocker

As interviewed by EL
"I feel like this is the best way to help people with what Iíve gone through in my life, and to help them learn from the lessons that I learned."
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Joshua Ajayi

Peter Sadibo
"He said to himself, he said 'I need to do something about this situation'."
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Michael Natenberg

"These Palestinian kids... they haven't actually seen the ocean even though it's only 45 minutes away. "
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