Daniel Prath

As Interviewed by Lily Prath
"The biggest take away that I have is that most people in the world are good, and most people in the world have, you know, they just want to be safe, and live, and let their kids grow, and have a life. I think that this would knock down a lot of these crazy political walls that we put up between each other."
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Leonard Gershon

As Interviewed by Ted Gershon
"At eight o'clock at night on a Sunday... They called me over and said, 'You're going to the Russian border.'"
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Jim Duke

As interviewed by Charlie Weatherby
"I was an enlisted man when I first joined."
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My Grandfather

As Interviewed by Tyler B.
"It probably had a lot to do with who I am today."
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Lisa Post

As Interviewed by Nora Kelly
"So it would be like the middle of the night and we'd be trying to call home."
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Charlie Barnard

As Interviewed by Evie Barnard
"A computer back then was the size of a garage, and had less power than your cellphone."
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Patrice Melançon

As Interviewed by Cooper Roalson
"I think that if women can prove that they are physically capable of doing a job, they should be able to do anything that they want to do"
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Joe Rice

As interviewed by Gavin Ratcliff
"If just tapped the brakes the propeller would curl up."
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Karri Kline

As Interviewed by Rhi Spicer
"Somebody had to do it, and I just happened to be one of the knumbskulls that decided to."
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Miguel Suarez

As Interviewed X. K.
"You wouldn't think that something so small could do much harm."
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Christopher Smith

As Interviewed by Ashton Smith
"It was the most beautiful green I’d ever seen in my life…"
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Fred Cisnaros

As interviewed by Devin p
"I was I wild, crazy fool."
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Daniel Mccord

As Interviewed by Helen Singletary
"And it just seemed impossible, it seemed impossible that we weren't just coming under attack everyday."
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