Isabelle Headrick

As Interviewed By Ava Farley, March 7, 2017
"If you can be in housing that's good for you, then that actually helps your body and your mind and your soul."
Isabelle Headrick

Introductory Profile: Introductory Profile: About Isabelle Headrick

Isabelle Headrick is the Executive Director for a foundation called AHA! (Accessible Housing Austin!). She grew up in Chicago and went to Oberlin College for her under graduate and the University of Texas at Austin for her masters. While she was in high school she volunteered at a homeless women’s foundation and while she was in college she volunteered with homeless foster kids. When she was looking for a job later in her life she became interested in homlessness and then entered the field of affordable housing.

We met in Isabelle’s office at AHA!. The focus of the interview was Affordable Housing and how it can affect people with low incomes and disabilities. The interview was informative and fun. Isabelle was very open to speaking about what she does. She also told me that her son was a former student at Kealing and had the same project when he was there.

During the interview we talked about the considerations needed for finding affordable housing for people with disabilities, who are usually also low-income. One issue is that these people are often on disability payments with does not sufficiently cover the cost of most apartments or houses. Another is the physical requirements of a house such as ramps or low cabinets. We also talked about section 8 vouchers and how difficult it is to find housing when many landlords don't accept the vouchers.