As Interviewed by WA, February 23, 2017
"People... want to be involved in... the destruction of the mental health stigma."

Introductory Profile: About Angela

Angela is a counselor at a treatment center for eating disorders. In addition to working with clients affected by the stigma, she has personally experienced discrimination due to severe anxiety she experienced earlier in her life. She has worked with a wide variety of mental illnesses and is very knowledgable on the topic. She is sarcastic, firm, and humorous.

The topics covered in this interview were the mental health stigma in general and as it relates to eating disorders specifically, how this stigma can be decreased to help those with mental illnesses feel more comfortable asking for help, and my interviewee’s personal experiences regarding the mental health stigma. The interview’s tone was serious and to the point. The information from the interview is in line with my research and my personal experiences with the stigma. I am grateful to have gotten the opportunity to interview someone with so much insight on the topic of the mental health stigma.