Diana Ventura

By Neha Kamble, 3/23/17
"I told people that we have a responsibility as human beings to help those in need"
Diana Ventura

Introductory Profile: About Diana Ventura

Poverty has always been an important issues many people have tried to tackle. People who live in poverty
have never had as many resources or opportunities as others. I interviewed Diana Ventura about her experiences volunteering in Peru with the Light and Leadership Initiative, where she taught art to children and women. Listening to her experience helped me really opened my eyes and helped me realize how important the issue of poverty is.

Diana currently works as an art teacher at Kealing Middle School which is actually how I met her. Though volunteering in Peru was her first international volunteering experience, Ms. Ventura volunteered in other places with other organizations. Ms. Ventura began volunteering at a young age, from helping her classmates with math homework to helping at local animal shelters. She has always enjoyed helping others, which is what drove her to begin her work in volunteerism. Throughout the interview, Diana talked how appreciative the children that she worked with were and the importance of giving the right kind of help to those in need. Ms. Ventura had many interesting view points towards the issue of poverty and made me think about the work being done in a different way. Diana Ventura is a very kind-hearted and generous person who has helped our world in a very important way.