Joan and Myles Duffy

As Interviewed by Finn Duffy, 3/13/17
"I always felt that war was far away, but yes, I did have a fear that war would come to our country."
Joan and Myles Duffy

Introductory Profile: About Joan and Myles Duffy

I interviewed My Grandfather and Grandmother on their experience about childhood during and post-WWII. My father immigrated in 1989 to America for economic reasons. My Grandparents still live in Ireland to this day. While Ireland was neutral during the war, they still were heavily effected.

They both grew up in large families. My grandfather was one out of 6 children. My grandmother was one out of 8 children. They were given food rations every week to pick up their food.

Even though Ireland was neutral during the war, many Irish men were in the war. They would take a boat to England and sign up there to join the allies. They would then go on to fight against the axis powers in Germany.