Francisca F.

As Interviewed by Melissa F., March 22, 2017
"Just because I'm Mexican, I feel like people look down on me."
Francisca F.

Introductory Profile: About Francisca F.

Francisca is a kind, humble, strong person whom I am proud to call my mother. She lives in Austin, Texas with her three beautiful children and husband of 17 years. Francisca attended Austin Community College and Texas State and earned her Associate's degree and Bachelorís Degree. Francisca is a 2nd grade bilingual teacher at her old elementary school. She grew up in East Austin, where as she recalls was nothing like it is today. Francisca has dark brown eyes along with short, bouncy curls. Francisca is currently back in school, continuing her Masterís degree.

My Firsthand History interview's primary issue was Francisca telling us about her experiences related to her struggle for Social Justice regarding her race and financial status growing up. She talked about how hard it was growing in poverty in which sometimes she would come home from school and would open the fridge, just to see it empty. Francisca also recalls how hard it was for her growing up without parents and the absence of their love and hugs. In the interview, Francisca also tell us a bit about her experiences she's had with social injustice regarding her race and her feelings on these experiences. The overall tone and feeling of Francisca during the interview was calm and formal. She was very open to answering all of the question I asked her.

Francisca is a very strong, independent woman, who has overcome so many obstacles to get herself where she is today. I am very glad I had the chance to interview her, I learned quite a few new things about her childhood that she had never told me before. I really enjoyed my interview with Francisca!