Whitney Bell

As Interviewed by Grace, March 22, 2017
"It was absolutely amazing we fed so many people. Nobody dared look in the bag, we gave out over 500 patatos that day and we only picked 90."
Whitney Bell

Introductory Profile: About Whitney Bell

Whitney Bell, my youth leader, is married to Andrew Bell and is the middle school director at Covenant Presbyterian Church. I met Whitney about one year ago. She has helped me through thick and thin and is like a second mom to me. Whitney is now 33 years old and is around 58 with blonde hair and fair colored skin and a giant infectious smile. She is an active Christian who has gone all around the world from south Africa to China to Romania.

When she graduated high school, in 2001, she took a gap year between high school and college. During her gap year, Whitney went on a 6 month Short-Term Mission(STM) to the country of South Africa. A short-term admission (STM) is the mobilization of a Christian missionary for short periods of time from days to a year these are also called mission trips.

During this interview, Whitney gave me an insight on the poverty and segregation in Africa, and other places around the world. Throughout this interview, Whitney shared her stories about her travels all over the world from China to South Africa. She described the hardships of poverty in Africa, the gender discrimination in orphanages in China, and the mob life in Romania. Even though Whitney talked about some very hard and disturbing things, she still kept a very bubbly spirit through the entire thing.

As I concluded this interview, Whitney shared a story about her trip to Romania and how different countries are. She also reminded me, that we, as Americans, need to have more joy and appreciate what we are given and not take anything for granted because we are so very lucky just to go to school.