Kaustubh Page

As Interviewed by ND, March 17th, 2017
"But, in later years of hindu history that caste system got a perverted form, and then it was considered as a higher or lower caste from a social perspective which wasn't the original intent at all."
Kaustubh Page

Introductory Profile: About Kaustubh Page

I interviewed my uncle Kaustubh Page. He was affected by the Reservation in Education System in India.

Kaustubh Page was born in Solapur, Maharashtra which is in India. In 2004 he graduated from the Maharashtra Institute of Technology. He immigrated to America in 2006. He moved to Austin in September 2016, and currently works as a software engineer.

Kaustubh Page is a tall man and is in his thirties. He is a very kind and friendly man. He is very funny and loves being active. Kaustubh Page grew up in the Reservation in Education System in India. This system is related to the caste system. We talked about how the caste system was originally created in a spiritual/ religious sense, but over the years this system was taken in a perverted form. My uncle also told me about how this system made getting good admissions in school hard for him and his friends.

The tone of this interview was light and comfortable. I had fun doing this interview and gained great information.