Michelle Olson

As Interviewed by Elanor Olson, March 5th, 2017
"Only on my darkest days do I imagine becoming a regular preschool teacher. I really love what I do now."
Michelle Olson

Introductory Profile: About Michelle Olson

Michelle has one brother who lives in Austin and her parents live in Colorado. Michelle teaches special needs students, meaning they have disabilities, and is always very loving and caring to her students. She is a medium height and has red curly hair, she loves to swim and is very good at cooking. I have come to know her because she is my aunt and lives very close by. Since she lives nearby we have become very close. She is also very smart; I have always looked up to her because of her knowledge and I always come to her for advice.

Michelle has been teaching for 20 years. She teaches at at Callison Elementary in Round Rock, Texas as a PPCD teacher. She was born in Morris, Minnesota and moved many times in the next eleven years. In 1990 she moved to Austin, and in 1998 she moved to Minneapolis for grad school, making a living by teaching at St. Paul Public Schools. She has always thought that everyone deserved an education, and so she dedicated her life to give everyone a chance to have the best life possible.

During the interview she was very respectful and was able to tell me a lot about her job. She also expressed her kindness and her ability to work through hard situations throughout it. She talked about the difficulties with health care and paying for the treatments needed. Finally, she talked about how she felt regarding the disrespect toward special needs students, and the troubles they have to face every day.

Michelle is very involved within her school community and helps out whenever she gets a chance. She supports many charities and does a lot of volunteering to support the causes she believes in. She has very strong opinions and is not afraid to speak out loud and share them. She is loved by many family members of her students, co-workers, and of course, her own family.