Keegan Warren-Clem

As Interviewed by Riley Clem, March 20, 2017
"Transgender people are more likely to face discrimination from doctors Sometimes it's deliberate because there are people that are not very nice out there and some of them are even doctors and they still might not be very nice but sometimes it's just because it's a doctor who's older, and just doesn't have this understanding and so they accidentally make mistakes"
Keegan Warren-Clem

Introductory Profile: About Keegan Warren-Clem

I met Keegan Warren-Clem the day I was brought into this world, as she is my mother. Keegan works at People’s Community Clinic as a healthcare lawyer and is appointed as a professor at the UT law school and business school. Keegan is tall, thin, and a great leader. She was born in Missouri and lived in a small town near St. Louis for most of her life.

For college my mother went to the University of Arkansas. In July of 2008 she moved her to Austin with myself, my twin, and my father. Keegan went to the UT Law School and graduated in 2012. In 2014 she submitted a competitive application to a panel consisting of SIU, SIH, MLP, and LLM. She received a scholarship to SIU paid for by the Southern Illinois Hospital(SIH). We lived in Southern Illinois for about a year and she got her Master of Laws(LLM). She brought us back to Austin and that is where we currently are.

Keegan and I talked about transgender struggles in healthcare and also LGBTQA+ rights. The interview itself was calm and it was nice to hear about this from a professional. Keegan provided me great information and I enjoyed interviewing her.