Stephanie Cisneros

As interviewed by Maddy C, March 20th, 2017
"You always know there is going to be that one time when they decide they don’t want to go back and we are there for them when that happens. "
Stephanie Cisneros

Introductory Profile: About Stephanie Cisneros

My interviewee’s name is Stephanie Cisneros. I know Stephanie because she is my mom. Stephanie is married and has two kids, the ages of 11 and 13. She went to Texas A&M University where she studied Sociology and has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. She is now currently a probation officer for Travis County. Stephanie is 46 years old and is very confident and well spoken. Stephanie has dirty blonde hair and brown eyes with a sensitive smile. She had a lot to share about her experiences as a probation officer. She was very informative as well as sensitive and reflective on all the experiences she has had.

In the interview we talked about how her clients typically feel towards her, what she thinks about the impact she is making in social justice, how she feels about her job, the intensity of her job and what it entails, how she has/is impacting her clients, is her job worth it, and some of her favorite memories from her job. The overall tone of this interview was sentimental and very reflective as well as informative and gave me a new perspective. Her final remarks were that she loves her job even though it may not always be easy, because every day is different and exciting. She also ended with a very memorable story of one of her favorite clients and their story.